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Because it comes with 15,000 retail ounces of Premium yogurt mix you can sell for $6,700

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And... 3 year WARRANTY on motors & compressors

Even better... Rated 115 v to slash 50% off your electric bill and construction cost

buy        *With order of 4 or more       *Maximum 7 cases of yogurt mix per customer

Model 360HP meets all US Safety and Health Requirements

Thousand cups of frozen yogurt sold in 4 hours! 2

High capacity, hard-working, space-saving soft serve ice cream machine serves two separate flavors, or an equal combination of both in a twist. This unit comes with a powerful Aspera (Italy) compressor and a Danfoss (Denmark) expansion valve. Perfect for high volume operations such as self-serve yogurt operations, fast food locations, drive-ins, theme parks, institutions, and recreational facilities. Complete stainless steel exterior housing for durability, sleek, and modern appearance. Hi, my name is Duc Nguyen and I've operated Yogurt stores for years. The problem I always had was the high start-up costs of opening a new store with frozen yogurt machines costing as much as $15K new. And when I would buy a used one, I'd end up spending as much as $1,000 a month for maintenance.

On top of all that, the machines used 220 volts, meaning any new store I opened or any expansion at my present store, required I spend thousands of dollars for an electrician to wire the location for the extra capacity needed to operate the machines. Just like you, I'm always looking for faster, easier and cheaper ways to manage my yogurt stores and I promise, I've found it. In fact, I love these soft serve ice cream machines so much that I arranged to become the North American distributor, so you can enjoy the same huge cost savings.

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Having purchased large equipment for other ventures, I feel the value for the frozen yogurt machine is unparalleled. The energy savings, maintenance costs, and ROI are not matched by any other machine on the market. Thank you Duc for your stellar service and foresight to bring such a great product into the yogurt market.

Derek L

Yogurt Store Owner Gilbert, AZ

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